Embroidered Garments & Workwear

New to our machinery list - we have just acquired a six colour embroidery machine. Capable of laying down 6 colours of cotton, over a 330 x 240mm area, we can embroider logos and designs on workwear, garments across our range.  Many items can be embroidered to provide a long lasting and often textural quality to your garments.  

Depending on the design and the quantity ordered we may have to charge a digitising fee (price on seeing the design).  Digitising is taking the graphic / image and turning it into a set of instructions for the embroidery machine.  Stitching can take place in many different ways and done right can bring your image to life.

Embroidery Advantages

  • Long lasting
  • Interesting Effects
  • Short to longer runs 
  • Multiple colours

100% Cotton Polo Shirt Embroidered

100% Cotton Polo Shirt Embroidered

Embroidered polo shirts are a great way to represent your business giving you a professional image...

£10.95 Ex Tax: £10.95

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