Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a process where ink is vaporised and bonds with 100% polyester sportswear / clothing.  Ideal for running tops, vests and t-shirts, the print is soft and feels just like the item that is printed.  We can print up to a maximum size of 440 x 330mm in full colour.  Great for running clubs, sports events, fun runs, tough mudder style events, mountain biking, gyms, gym clubs, assault courses, cycling in fact any sport that requires a performance sports top. Items can be individually printed with names, ordered in multiple styles, shapes and colours.

Great Points of Sublimation

  • Full colour
  • Soft print feels just like the fabric
  • Great for sports tops / vests and sportswear
  • Each item can be different / short runs
  • Ideal for 1 - 1000 garments

Downside for sublimation

  • Can not print on cotton
  • Only adds colour, so can not print black / dark items
  • Colour of the garment can distort the print colour

Running / Sports Vest - Sublimation Printed

Running / Sports Vest - Sublimation Printed

A great sports vest for suitable for any running club, sports brand or fitness class.  Printed ..

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